Enjoy a memorable, seasonal menu in the beautiful outdoors surrounded by stunning vineyards and manicured gardens. Longtable restaurant at Haskell Vineyards is one of Stellenbosch’s top restaurants and they did not disappoint.

I have a philosophy that food needs only two ingredients to be great. It’s a sensibility that informs the feeling in the restaurant and the dishes on the menu. 

Any foodie that have visited this establishment knows that beyond the vineyards and majestic valley views was anything but just another ‘farm restaurant’. 

The inside dining area has large generously spaced tables and concertina doors opened wide allowing for majestic views over the Stellenbosch valley below. Our table allowed for the perfect combination of fresh air, splendid views and the golden sun shining onto our table as it set over the Stellenbosch mountains.

The private tasting at Longtable restaurant is a fun way to host a group and give your guests a special experience. Their private room overlooking the terrace is the perfect venue for a private gathering up to (I would imagine) 12 guests.  

The a la carte menu allows guests to choose ‘something cold’, ‘something hot’ and ‘something sweet’. We opted for the 3-course experience and this allows you to choose any two of the cold and hot options, coupled with the ‘sweet’ dessert options. 

The meals are reasonably portioned and can’t be classed as either a starter or a main, which allows you to enjoy two meals. Their idea of the ‘small plates menu’ is to allow you to experience a kaleidoscope of flavours, sharing tastes and sensations at your leisure.

Tip: share meals with your partner to sample an even bigger variety of the restaurant’s offering.

Our meal began with tender pressed sliced beef with globe artichoke, mature gruyere, roasted macadamia and dried grapes. As if that doesn’t sound good enough, we also selected the deep friend smoked snoek croquettes with apricot butter and lemon. 

I have to compliment the chef on the taste and presentation as this was probably some of the most most visually appealing meals I have had in a long time.

The second course was just as delectable with fried halloumi and sweetcorn, basil pesto, poached free-range egg, chorizo crumb, popcorn and smoked hollandaise sauce. The portion size was enough to share along abalobi fish ceviche with fresh lime, passionfruit, red onion and litchi salad, coriander and ponzu dressing. 

With dessert being a difficult choice, we opted for the dark chocolate slice (similar to a taut mouse cake) drenched with coffee ice cream as well as white chocolate and coconut sweet panna cotta.

The food was so consistently good that I struggle to single out specific dishes to recommend.

The restaurant offers seasonal menus which are refreshing since they are located in one of the most beautiful towns in the world and updated regularly to allow guests to experience their restaurant’s flair. 

Their menu offering works as follows:

2 plates– R 205.00pp | 3 plates – R 295.00pp | 4 plates – R 385.00pp Additional plates – R 95.00

Service staff was very attentive, friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. If you ordered three courses and two beverages, the typical cost per person might be around R350 all in. Overall this was a pleasant meal, the abalobi in particular shows that the kitchen has some skill.

Servers in formal uniforms, fancy cutlery, and a calm atmosphere complete with modern chic decor, candlelit tables, and the vague laughter of fellow patrons ensured a relaxed evening in Stellenbosch. 

Feel like rather enjoying a relaxing picnic in the countryside? The restaurant also offers picnic options available from their beautifully manicured gardens overlooking the Stellenbosch mountains.

Image credit: Haskell vineyards

Gone are the days when the ticket to luxury was a dinner reservation at a Michelin-starred restaurant or a full course dinner at a 5-star hotel. What customers prefer in South Africa now is a casual dining experience that offers great food, a unique dining experience and atmosphere, convenience and a different level of laid-back enjoyment – and this can be found at Longtable.

Haskell Vineyards | Annandale Rd, Lynedoch, Stellenbosch | South Africa | haskellvineyards.com

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